Rías Baixas in Pontevedra - Galicia (Spain)

The Rías Baixas, a place full of opportunities to enjoy your stay with us.

Landscapes full of history, from small fishing villages to historic cities enjoyable at any time of the year.

Rias Baixas encapsulates the essence of Galicia. The rivers meet the sea in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Green and blue are the colours that define the sea and the land that make Rías Baixas. This is a place of sand beaches, islands, vineyards, pine trees, walking trails, pazos ( rural manor houses), old churches, seafood, camellias, spas, marinas …

The Rías Baixas area is synonymous with the best food in Galicia. Here  you can enjoy the best seafood of Spain together with our fabulous DO Rias Baixas wine, Albariño.

Rías Baixas is one of the reasons that Galicia has positioned itself as one of the best holiday destination in the world.

Sanxenxo - Portonovo

Sanxenxo is the most sought-after tourist destination in Galicia

Sanxenxo has been called “The Galician Marbella” . It is without doubt the tourist capital of Galicia.

Full of fashionable places, this most famous of the towns of Rías Baixas offers many leisure alternatives to the thousands of visitors who choose this area to enjoy their holidays. Shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, beaches and a marina are all to be found in the centre. There is also a lively nightlife in the bars and clubs. Surrounded by areas for walking, including  6 coastal footpaths, Sanxenxo is the most sought-after destination of the Rías Baixas.

The fishing village of Portonovo, just 7 minutes from Sanxenxo and a few kilometres from Camping Cachadelos, is also the destination of many visitors. It is a traditional fishing port, with great places to eat and a large stretch of sand to explore. There is a nice walk on the footpath that links the centers of Portonovo and Sanxenxo, an ideal route for walking in the early morning or the cool of the evening.

Cachadelos Campsite is within the municipality of Sanxenxo which looks after and continues to develop facilities and opportunities for visitors to this part of Spain. With 36 kilometers of coastline, Sanxenxo is the Galician municipality with  the most beaches awarded European blue flags. If you are beach lovers, you can enjoy a large number of sandy areas, some in the urban areas such as Silgar (Sanxenxo) and Baltar (Portonovo), and others in quieter locations such as Playa Major (right next to our campsite), A Lanzada and Foxos.

Cíes Islands - Ons Islands

Galician Atlantic Islands National Park

The National Park of Galician Atlantic Islands is a spectacular natural area of more than 20000 acres, that groups the archipelagos of Cíes, Ons, Cortegada and Sálvora Islands. A trip to explore this area is an ideal day out for those staying at the campsite. Cies and Ons islands are located in the mouths of the estuaries of Vigo and Pontevedra and each year thousands of visitors visit them to relax and enjoy the natural environment which includes beaches worthy of being on any postcard. The beach of Rodas (Cíes), is one of the most beautiful in Galicia. With white sand and crystal-clear water, Rodas is the perfect place for sun lovers and consistently named among the best beaches in Europe. The Guardian newspaper rated it as one of  the best beaches in the world. If you visit Cíes you can also enjoy spectacular hiking trails (suitable for all abilities) and quiet coves. The island is accessed by boat from the citie of Vigo and the towns of Cangas and Baiona, all a short drive from the campsite. You can check the departure and arrival times on their website.

As The Guardian newspaper recommends “for something less tourist-trodden but equally as beautiful” the archipelago of Ons at the entrance of Pontevedra estuary also offers sandy beaches, hiking trails and natural scenic views. The boat trip to Ons is made from the towns of Sanxenxo, Portonovo and Bueu. You can buy your ticket from their web page.

Pontevedra - Urban capital

Pontevedra, an historic city to walk. 30 minutes by car from our campsite

Half an hour by car is all that separates Camping Cachadelos from the administrative capital of the Rías Baixas, Pontevedra. A medium-sized city with just over 82,000 inhabitants it has the capacity to pleasantly surprise those who visit it. The city is crossed by the Lérez River and has undergone a great transformation with restoration of its spectacular historical centre and the remodelling of its squares with bars, restaurants and shops set within the background of historic granite buildings.

A good part of the old centre of Pontevedra is pedestrianised making it a nice place to take a walk. In much of the city, traffic is restricted to residents and public transport only.  When driving there, it is easy to find one of the many private or free public car parks. You can then enjoy walking in one of the most well-known and best loved historic town centres of Galicia with its architecture and tapas bars such as A Leña, A Verdura, Curros Enríquez. A visit to the Museum of Pontevedra showcases local and regional history . You can also visit the Interpretation Center of the Arzebispais Towers, the defensive ditch of the pazo-fortress that was discovered during a series of works executed on the Avenida de Santa María. Eating here could not be better and you will have the opportunity to enjoy the typical cuisine in multiple taperias and restaurants in the city – corn empanadas, fish from the local coast, shellfish from the ria, and possibly the best octopus served in Spain.

Fishing Towns

Small fishing villages where you can discover the essence of Galicia. Nature, beaches and the renowned local food.

Illa de Arousa: this fishing village is a perfect place to get in touch with the essence of the Rías Baixas. Enjoy a relaxing walk alongside the estuary, where many families make their living from the sea. You can enjoy the local food, famous for its freshness and quality, in the many restaurants. The menu will feature the local catch, which changes each day depending on the sea. In the surrounding area you will find that the idyllic beaches are not overcrowded. It deserves to be in the list of best villages in Rías Baixas!

Combarro: fishing village located in the municipality of Poio, near at the end of the estuary of Pontevedra. Declared a Historic Site, the village is characterised by its many hórreos (traditional stone food store buildings raised on stilts), cruceiros (traditional stone crosses)  and stone-built, small  fishing cottages. Combarro has many lovely places to eat or simply stop for a quiet drink, making it the ideal place to visit for a relaxing day out. The local seafood, fresh from the ria, features on all the menus. You will also find places to buy souvenirs, local wines and Orujo (similar to Italian Grappa).

When you visit the villages of Rías Baixas, one will become your favourite and you will want to go back…