You are currently viewing European Blue Flag beaches in Sanxenxo in 2018

European Blue Flag beaches in Sanxenxo in 2018

13 Beaches with Blue Flags in Sanxenxo

The beaches in this area of Spain are very well maintained and this has been recognised in the award of European Blue Flags. In fact, Sanxenxo leads the Spanish ranking in the number of beaches with blue flags.

Beaches with European blue flags in Sanxenxo ( All are easy to get to from the capsite):

  1. Areas
  2. Caneliñas
  3. Lanzada-O Espiñeiro
  4. Canelas
  5. Montalvo
  6. Silgar
  7. Bascuas
  8. Major (The beach next to our campsite)
  9. Foxos
  10. Areas Gordas-As Lapas
  11. Pragueira
  12. Baltar
  13. Paxariñas

Sanxenxo, also enjoys the distinction of having  6 coastal foothpaths to enjoy.


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